Invoicing in WHMCS

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  • Login to the WHMCS Admin Area
  • Go to the client’s profile that you’d like to work with
  • Click on Billable Items to see if you have uninvoiced items for the client that you’d like to invoice
  • Click on any uninvoiced items you’d like to bill and click “Invoice Selected Items”itemstobill
  • Click on the Invoices Tab to see outstanding invoices for a clientinvoices
  • Click on the invoice number or the paper and pen to the right to open the invoiceinvoice
  • If you or the client have stored the credit card details in the client profile, you can click attempt capture to run a client’s card
  • If you’d like to register a payment manually, click on the add payment button (example: you can use pay offline for check and cash transactions)paymentmethods
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