In today’s environment, many companies are finding that their IT departments are costing more money to maintain than replacing both they and the software that they are supporting. believes that a well-executed strategy that truly supports long-term company objectives, results in a sizable reduction of costs and minimization of support budgets over just a reasonably short time frame. We like to setup a meeting with relevant personnel in each company, make a detailed bid outlining potential problems, cost savings opportunities, essential upgrades, and other concerns with cost break downs to perform needed work. is also happy to work with IT personnel that you have on staff, but we like to offer the increasingly popular option of replacing your IT staff with a support contract. Our business hours rate is $75.00 per hour and our after-hours/rush rate is $135.00 per hour. However, all requests made through our client portal are billed in 10 minute increments, so by using our state of the art help-desk and ordering software, our technicians are able to resolve issues or concerns at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. Further, since your request is always attended by an expert technician with additional backup available, you can be assured that the methods being employed to resolve your concerns are sound.

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